Saturday, August 21, 2010

We Have Tiles!

Time for a house update.  We're only 3 weeks away from the handover date.  So I'm excited... and stressed!  It's going to be a relief once it's all over.  Then I'll have nothing to bore people with... lol.

So, here are the latest pics.

The ensuite off the master bedroom...  Like the recessed shelf?  The floor tiles are going in today.

Master vanity.  I didn't want separate sinks, I wanted separate drawers...

This is the highlight of our ensuite...

Queue the Space Oddessy music...

A separate...


Yeah, baby!  Now I just have to teach him to shut the door...

The main bathroom.

And I have a few views to show you.  First up is the view from the guest bedroom.  Not bad...

And the view from the rumpus room.  This is where I'll be holding my Stampin' Up! workshops.  Anyone want to book one?

Three weeks... and counting!



  1. WOW, looking good. Are you all ready to move in? Love the view from the rumpus room!

  2. Looking great, and I LOVE the recessesed shelves in the showers! And can I just say I will really enjoy the view from the guest room if I ever manage to find my way down to visit ;) LOL

  3. Yes please workshop = booked (but will we get anything done with your views?)...

  4. What a simply gorgeous view!!!