Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Have A Deck! Well, Almost...

It's so close I can almost feel it...  lol.  Two and a half weeks to go!  Today I went to the house to see the electrician, and thought while I was there I'd take some pics of our nearly finished deck to share...

These photos are taken from behind the kitchen sink.  Yep, this is what I'll see while I'm doing the dishes... well, loading them into the dishwasher, anyway!

And out on the deck.  We were super clever and had a tap installed on the deck.  :-)

Ahhh... cocktail, anyone??



  1. Your house looks amazing!! The view from the deck is so beautiful. Will be great at night with the lights and in the day with snow on Mt Wellington.

  2. It seems to be developing so fast at the end. I guess it doesn't take long to get the decking, flooring, tiling, etc done at the end? Anyway, it looks awesome. :) Particularly love the big windows. I tried to get big windows installed in the house we're building, but it's just impractical for Edmonton.

  3. What lovely views you have! That deck looks like the perfect place for a BBQ & glass (or two) of wine in summer! :)

  4. WOW it looks great, you must so excited that it's near the end.

  5. Wow what wonderful views you'll have from there, can see lots of bbqs happening out there. Enjoy when it's all finished..... now I'll slink away all jealous! lol

  6. I imagine that it will be very hard for you to sit out there on a warm summer's night, watching the world go by - NOT!