Saturday, August 7, 2010

Christmas Tree Box Tutorial

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner!  So I thought it was time to put a tutorial together on the Christmas Tree Box my talented hubby designed for me last year. 


Christmas Tree Box Tutorial

This is an original template.  It's completely free for you to use but
please be courteous and link any recreations back to my blog.  Thanks!

You'll Need:
Template - find them here
Cardstock (I used Naturals Ivory)
Paper Trimmer and/or scissors
Bone Folder
Your chosen stamps (I used Scribble This)
Sticky Strip

Step One
  • Print and decorate your Christmas Tree.
  • Print the template onto cardstock.
  • Cut out and score.
  • Decorate the other side as desired.
  • Apply Sticky Strip as shown.  Stick the large flap to the underside of the cardstock on the opposite side - your tree should look like an elongated pyramid.

Step Two
The tree top.  Follow the pictures to stick the 'trunk' together.

This is how your tree top should look now:

Step Three
The base - this will cover the tree 'trunk'. Follow the pictures to stick the base together.  The base slips over the 'trunk' - you can now fill your box with treats!

The finished product!

And here's the original...

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!  :-)