Saturday, June 5, 2010

We Have Stairs!

There's been quite a bit of progress on our house in the past few weeks.  The bricks are almost finished and the scaffolding should be coming down early next week... which means that apart from the deck, the outside will be done!  Hooray!

Today we went to check out the latest developments, and got to walk down our stairs... reading that back, it sounds a little lame, but I was excited!!

And I just have to share a few photos of Olivia... the first one is of her pretending to sleep in her new bedroom!  She already know where she wants her bed to go...

And a sweet one that I took of her out the back of our house...



  1. WOW Stairs, that is exciting! You house is looking fabulous! How cute Olivia sleeping in her new room. My kids did that before we moved into our new house too. :)

  2. The house is looking fab.

  3. That is not lame at all, I would be just as excited if it were my new home! Can't wait to see the finished product, it's going to be gorgeous!

  4. oh yay! that is's getting closer now:)

  5. Haha - lame? No way! You should've seen how excited I was when I got 2 towel rails in the bathroom! I wanted to eat my dinner in there just so I didnt have to take my eyes of them! House is WOW and Olivia is the most precious little poppet!!!

  6. That's totally exciting. I love your photo's of the stairs, that's exactly what I'd do (love the close up of where it curves around!! lol). The pic of Ollie "sleeping" is so cute and funny. What a cheeky.