Monday, June 28, 2010

We Have Internal Walls!

Woohoo!  We have internal walls!  Not long to go now - about 8 weeks according to the builders.  They're running slightly ahead of schedule.  :-)

I'm just posting a few pics of the main living area - in the first one you can see the kitchen, and the doorway leads to the stairway down to the rumpus.

Kitchen and dining... I think we'll spend more time looking out the window than eating though!

And this is the lounge room (I took the photo from the dining area).  The double glass doors lead off to the deck (not there yet) and the doorway you can see leads to the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry.

And, of course, one of Olivia.  She was walking up and down a pile of plasterboard - it didn't take much to get her to pretend it was a catwalk!

I'm sure I'll have more pics to share soon!



  1. WOW WOW WOW. How exciting, and builders running ahead of scedule, how did you get them? LOL looks great and yes I think you will be gazing out that window a lot, what an awesome view!

  2. Looking good! You must be getting even more excited now - looks chilly as little Olivia's nose and cheeks are so red brrrr.

  3. I wouldn't get a thing done with a view like that - what a beautiful spot and how very exciting for you guys :)

    S x

  4. *doing a happy dance for ya!* OMG. Did I mention Kira has a beanie JUST LIKE THAT, Ollie's such a cutie! xx Hugs

  5. Wow, I just can't wait to see the finished photos. It's going to be gorgeous!!

  6. when the plasterboard is up you know its not too far away! Not long now!

  7. Tradies running ahead of schedule - WOW! I hope the next 8wks go super fast for you and you can enjoy that view 24/7 really soon in comfort!!