Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Time For THAT Story...

Last month I wrote a post about some of my early scrapbook pages, and a little bit about the PND that accompanied that time in my life.  I was so touched by all the comments that were left for me!  I hadn't meant it to be a sad post, so in the next one I promised to write about some of the funny things from that period - and there are heaps!

So, without further ado, here is...

The Toothbrush Story

There are lots of different treatments for Post Natal Depression.  Some work for some people and some don't.  I was unfortunate in that I was one of those people who didn't respond to some of the more common and less intrusive treatments.  (Before I go on, I just want to say that I know I'm VERY fortunate... because I'm still here!)  So the treatment that worked for me had an unpleasant (and uncommon) side effect.  Memory loss.  Five and half months worth.  And from then, I've struggled with maintaining memories... it's taken a long time for me to be able to retain things again.

Sounding like a sob story?

It's not.

It's actually rather funny.

Ever gotten halfway through telling a joke to someone and had them say "Oh yeah, you've told me this one" and you're left with nowhere to go??  It's a bit deflating!  Not with me!  You could tell me the same joke every day and I wouldn't stop you!  I'd be too busy waiting for the punchline...

A couple of my fellow 'inmates' (as I apparently referred to patients) and I had a running joke.  I had eight of these treatments and they took place three times a week.  So on the in between days, we'd joke about how they were going to fool me the next day!  Because my memory would essentially have been wiped again.  They'd tell me what names they'd give themselves and we'd all see whether I knew their real names in the morning.  Or they'd leave me a note on my bedside table with hints, and I'd come out afterwards and try and figure out who was who...

But one of my favourite stories involves my long-suffering dad.  Dad came to stay when I was in hospital and visited every day.  On the in between days, I'd drag him into the Hobart CBD... usually to Spotlight!  He still says that he "never wants to see another bloody Spotlight"...  So he'd be with me trying to tell me what things I'd already bought previously, but trying not to upset me.  Poor guy!  But, it wasn't just Spotlight...

On each outing during this forgetful time, it seems that I walked past the same store, with the same special, and had the same thought...

"Oooh!  That's a good price for toothbrushes!"

Now, I'm a bit of a bargain hunter.  When I see a good special, I don't just get one, especially if it's a non-perishable item... like toothbrushes... And I love multi-packs...


Each time I saw them, I would have bought maybe 2 or 3 packs... don't ask me the exact amount... I don't remember...

So, that's 2 or 3 packs, multi-packs, on each in between day.

That's a lot of toothbrushes!

And before I forget (yes, pun intended...), the above photo was taken a few weeks ago. 

They're from our toothbrush stash...

... that I bought nearly 3 years ago...

How long till they're vintage and I can sell them on etsy? 



  1. I love your sense of humour, must have been a good thing to have while you were going through this terrible time! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are hiliarious! I love that you can look back at such a scary time and see the humour! (reminds me of that stamp about courage, but instead of trying again tomorrow ~ you were buying again tomorrow) love your story!

  3. Thanks for sharing that Dan - you've always had a great sense of humour.
    The other shop was the ABC one where you would love to browse for DVD's, CD's Books etc. I always had to come up with gentle lame excuses like "I vaguely think you've already got that one", or "I've already got that one". Fortunately / unfortunately you couldn't remember enough to dispute me!
    ABC Shops I can still enter, but I'm a reluctant Spotlight shopper.

  4. Oh Danielle that is such a funny story about such a hard and difficult time! Love your strength and sense of humour!
    Richelle xx

  5. This cracked me up Danielle... hehe. I'll never look at a toothbrush the same way again!

  6. That is a great story from a hard time in your life. It will be a shame to use all of the toothbrushes.

  7. lol... I have used some to clean stamps...

  8. While you purchase things on good deals when you don't remember... my mom just does it because that's what she does! Would you like one of our 10 ketchup bottles sitting in our basement? Oh yes, ketchup is non-perishable it seems :) You'll have to ask P how much stuff we have stocked up in the basement. I learned to ignore the mess, he cringes every time he sees it! I always joked that if the big Y2K scare happened (no water, electricity, mayhem all over, etc.) we would have enough stashed away to survive until Y3K.

  9. That is a hugely funny story Dan! I too had a visit with PND, but not to the extent you did. I can't say I can look back at the time with any humour, although you did point out something that I still to this day struggle with - memory loss! You put such a funny spin on it, that I can see some of that time with humour now - Thanks!!

  10. You are so brave to share your thoughts/feeling and memories from this very tough time in your life!! Loved the toothbrush story and it did give me a giggle!

  11. That is a funny story Danielle, and it just shows what strength you must have to find the humour in such a terrible situation. And I am sure you have saved quite a bit on toothbrushes in the last few years! You know they are great for 'flicking ink' onto cards for a great background right? lol

  12. So funny I laughed out loud. I look forward to hearing the next story! Its great that you can look back on this time with a sense of humour.

  13. well a girl can never have too many toothbrushes i say!

  14. My Dad has had quite a lot of ECT. At one stage the doctors kept telling Mum, its ok, his memory is not really affected (Dad is in his 60's & thus has an increased risk of the memory probs becoming permanent). The trouble is, Dad could hardly remember anything. We don't know what the drs thought he was remembering! To this day he has no memory of having had his back operated on, wouldn't believe us til he saw the scar LOL
    Fi x

  15. I love that you can d=find the humor in all of this. You are an amazing woman, a brave woman, and a strong woman to share your story with all of us. What an inspiration you are to so many people.............and a tooth brush hoarder. :)