Friday, May 7, 2010

We Have A Roof... And Windows!

Things are moving along on the house front!  I'm not going to waffle on, I'm just going to share some of the latest photos.  :-)

View from the street. 
The room closest to the camera (on the corner, it's about 3m x 4m) is going to be my craft space! 
Well, Brian thinks it's going to be a study/craft space (read cupboard),
but what he hasn't figured out yet won't hurt him... ;-)

The front door!

View from the lounge looking into the kitchen and dining - the dining area is near the window.

View from the backyard.  There's still a deck to go on.

Another angle of the back...

View from the street, garage side.

And finally, the house from a few house blocks away.

It's looking good!!