Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Award!

WOW - I'm being lavished with awards this week!  I posted the Sunshine Award I received a few days ago, and the very, very talented Kirsty Brown left me a message to say she'd nominated me for the same award!  Thanks!  She wrote the loveliest comment that had me close to tears.  :-)

That's not all!!

I had a lovely email from Mae Collins telling me that she's nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award!  Thanks, Mae!  Make sure you check out Mae's blog - she's been doing the most beautiful Medallion cards over the past week.

And I had another one from Jenny Hayward to nominate me again!  Thanks so much, Jenny!  I'm feeling the love at the moment.  :-)

And again from Helen Williams, who actually said I've been an inspiration...  *Danielle's jaw hits the floor*  Me???  Really?  Thanks!!

I couldn't find a hidden candid camera, so I guess I'd better post the award!

The rules are that I must pass the award on to another 10 Beautiful Blogs AND tell you 10 things about myself. 

I decided to share some blogs that I always get inspiration from - So here are 10 11 Beautiful Blogs...

It goes without saying that I think the Design Team from Just Add Ink all have beautiful blogs!! 

Amanda Reddicliffe
Bronwyn Eastley
Chantell Randall
Delys Cram
Kirsty Jeffery
Nicole McMurtrie
Sarah Klass
Tania Gould
Adele Khoo
Jodene Tripp
Tui Nathan

Just to give you an idea of how hard it was to choose such a small number of blogs, go to my profile to check out the 100+ blogs I follow!  That's me limiting myself too...

And 10 things about me...

1. I moved to Tasmania 6 years ago from NSW with my hubby (before we were engaged), and LOVE living here!  Funny story - when we announced we were moving to Tassie, a relative (that's all I'll say!) asked us if we were planning to ever come back to Australia... Ummm...

2. When I was a kid I wanted to be Olivia Newton-John!  And no, that's not how my daughter got her name... my husband picked it out!

3. I hate having my photo taken.  With a passion.

4. My uncle came to my wedding dressed as a woman... yes, really!  Long story...

5. I worry about every creation I put on my blog.  My internal dialogue goes something like this... I can't put that up there, it's awful.  What if everyone hates it?  What if no-one looks?  Does anyone even look?  Maybe I'm sleep-commenting on my own work to make myself feel better...

6. I procrastinate... a lot!  I started writing this post 3 days ago!!

7. I love to sing.  :-)

8. I'm a really messy crafter.  I usually have four or five different projects on the go at once.

9. Before I became a stay at home mum, I was a high school Drama teacher.

10. I've re-read this post a ridiculous amount of times, and once I post it I'll read it again, find a mistake and re-edit.  Yep.  I do that with every post!

Re-edit... *sigh* I'm back.  I wasn't happy with the formatting!!  lol