Friday, May 14, 2010

Using A Stamp-A-Ma-Jig

Using A Stamp-A-Ma-Jig

The Stamp-A-Ma-Jig (SAMJ) is a fantastic tool that will help you to line up images perfectly.

You'll need:
Stamp-A-Ma-Jig (SAMJ)
Imaging Sheet
Stamp set
Step One
Stamp your first image.
You don't need your SAMJ for the first step unless you are trying to get your image in a particular place.

Step Two
Create your image template
NOTE - I'm using Black StazOn ink because I'm creating a permanent template using plastic.  More details about creating a permanent template are at the end of the tutorial.

Don't use StazOn if you want to remove your image once you've finished stamping!

If you do happen to use StazOn and you want to get it off, just use StazOn cleaner - it works a treat!

Position your imaging sheet against the SAMJ.
Line up your pre-inked stamp against the SAMJ above the imaging sheet.
Smoothly lower your stamp onto the imaging sheet, keeping your stamp aligned with the corner of the SAMJ.

NOTE - It's important to keep everything aligned when doing this so that your template will be an accurate guide.
Smoothly lift your stamp straight up off the imaging sheet. 
Your imaging sheet is ready to go!
Step Three
Line up your imaging sheet with your first image (see Step One) and hold steady.
This is how your final image will look.
Holding the imaging sheet steady, line up your SAMJ.

TIP - I find it useful to always line up my imaging sheet and my SAMJ in the same way because it reduces the chance of error. 
When the imaging sheet is being lined up - I line up the left hand side of the imaging sheet first along the long side of the SAMJ, then slide the imaging sheet up to the top, against the short side of the SAMJ.
When the SAMJ is being lined up - I line up the long side of the SAMJ against the imaging sheet, then, then slide the SAMJ down to line up against the top of the imaging sheet.

Being careful to hold the SAMJ steady, remove the imaging sheet.
Align your pre-inked stamp with the SAMJ and press your stamp straight down and straight up again.
Your final image!
For my ultra-simple cards, I decided to add some Designer Series Paper (DSP) for their clothes.
All you need to do is to stamp your image again on DSP, carefully cut out the portion you need (in this photo, just the dress), and adhere to your final image. 

Cleverly using a more largely patterned DSP can solve the problem of your character wearing 2 different items, in this case shorts and a shirt...

The same process can be used to create a large effect with a smaller stamp. 
I've used this method for the background of my masked card.

Some other SAMJ examples...

Creating Permanent
SAMJ Templates
A bonus mini-tutorial!

Creating permanent SAMJ templates is easy and they're really handy.  Think of your favourite sentiments, or those images that get used time and time again.

All you need is either some sturdy plastic or vellum and your StazOn ink.  I use plastic for my templates (frosted binding covers from your office store are perfect) simply because I'm a little heavy handed with my vellum.

All I do is cut the plastic to the same size as my SAMJ imaging sheet (no reason, I just like it that way!) and put a clear plastic label on the middle.  I keep all my templates in a small A5 folder so they're all in the one place, although I know people who use vellum and keep each template in with each stamp set.  I keep mine all together because I often have 5 or 6 stamp sets open and being used at one time, so it would be a much bigger mess if I had to deal with templates going everywhere too!


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