Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Olivia's First Christmas Present for 2009

A parcel from my parents arrived yesterday with Christmas presents for Olivia.  She's very excited about having presents under the tree.  She's been pretty good about leaving them there too, although her curiosity gets the better of her at times!  So we decided to let her open one each day leading up to Christmas.  Here are some pictures of her opening her first gift...

"Look!  It's a secret box!"

"It's a rabbit! And a tiny rabbit and another tiny rabbit!"

Nan and Pop (my parents) had sent her a musical Peter Rabbit figurine with "Mrs Rabbit and babies" in a rocking chair on top of a pile of books.  The rocking chair slowly turns to pretty music - it's adorable!  Olivia is very taken with it.  :-)

It's going to be an exciting Christmas this year!