Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Conversations With A Toddler...

My daughter Olivia is 2 years and 8 months old.  Naturally, she rules the house.  :-)

So today, while I was checking my email, it went quiet in the lounge room where she was.  You'd think that after spending this amount of time with Olivia I'd have realised that if things go mysteriously quiet, it's a bad, BAD sign!  Nope.  Today, I was lulled into that (familiar) false sense of security and I just thought: "Ah, quiet... isn't that nice??"

Then it hit me.  That sense of dread... Olivia had climbed up on the kitchen bench and was covered in liquid hand soap.  Head to toe.  Not only that, she'd smeared it over everything she could reach.

Me:         Olly!  What are you doing?
Olivia:   I have soap!
Me:        You're not supposed to be up there, are you?
Olivia:   Yes, I am.


I put her in the bath and went to get her some fresh clothes. So she threw water over the edge, all over the floor. As you do. When I came back in, the conversation went like this:

Me:         Olly!  What are you doing?
Olivia:   I in the bath!
Me:         I can see that.  You've splashed water all over the floor.
Olivia:   Yes!  I did!
Me:         Olly!  You're driving me crazy!
Olivia:   NO! You're NOT CRAZY!



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