Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Emerging Artist

My daughter Olivia is 2 and 8 months, and she's just starting to show glimpses of her drawings telling a story.  It's so cute!  So I thought I'd share a picture she drew yesterday.  I've included little arrows to help make sense of it all!

I'm not quite sure what the scribbled out bits are, but there's a bit of background information about the other parts that's relevant here. 

My dad (Pop) hasn't been to Hobart for a few months, but Olivia still talks about him as though he's been just recently.  In particular, she talks about him in reference to the computer because he brought his laptop with him in September.  So whenever she sees a laptop she mentions Pop and Thomas (as in Thomas the Tank Engine - a game that Dad brought with him).  My husband brought his laptop home from work over the Christmas break so she's been talking about Pop and Thomas again!

The other part that has a story is the cat and the fiddle part.  My husband took Olivia out shopping one day (quite a few months ago!) and took her to the Cat and Fiddle Arcade in Hobart, where there's an enormous clock of the cat and the fiddle rhyme.  Every half an hour it plays the song and the parts move.  The whole thing couldn't last longer than 30 seconds.  Olivia was absolutely blown away and has talked about it ever since!  For a while it's all she'd say to anyone on the phone.  I'd ask her to say hello to Nan and Pop and she'd say: "Hello.  The cow jumped over the moon!"  Very sweet.  We saw it again recently and she was spellbound all over again.

So that concludes my interpretation of Olivia's latest artwork.  :-)


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  1. I don't know why you needed to put arrows in, it's perfectly OBVIOUS what all those little pictures are. ;)
    Kids have such good memories, don't they? You simply must photograph and scrapbook a close up of that clock for her.