Sunday, December 20, 2009

Olivia and Bronte

When Olivia was born, we were a bit concerned about how our cat Bronte, the first baby, would deal with it.  He'd spent a lot of time laying on my belly while I was pregnant, and he used to purr whenever Olivia kicked.  But having a baby in the house who was taking all the attention was a very different scenario! 

But we were pleasantly surprised.  He's been absolutely brilliant with Olivia, and now that she's a bit older, (she's 2 and 8 months now), he follows her wherever she goes.  It's amusing at times, like when she uses the potty, Bronte is right there by her side!  But today we caught some very cute photos that I wanted to share.  Olivia walked over to look out our loungeroom windows, so Bronte did too...

Too cute!