Monday, September 5, 2011

STUNNING Photos from Dream and Just Believe Photography...

For Olivia's birthday this year, a very dear friend, Jacky, gave us a photography session voucher to use with Danielle Burrows of Dream and Just Believe Photography.  Talk about a fabulous and generous gift!  We had our session recently and I wanted to share some of the photos on my blog (with Danielle's permission, of course!) because they are just STUNNING.

Danielle is such a wonderful photographer to work with!  She makes everyone feel instantly at ease and blends in with what you're doing beautifully.  I told Jacky after the session that it was just like hanging out with a friend who just happened to have a camera.  That's more than just skill, that's an art.

Olivia took to her straight away, and showed off accordingly!!  That's why the series of photos above is my absolute favourite of the entire session, because they capture Olly so perfectly.  Full of energy, smiles and kooky poses. That's my girl!

Someone wrote the most beautiful comment on the post on Danielle's blog -

"What a character - confident in the love of her parents I think - you can tell when a child knows s/he's #1." 

- it made me burst into tears! One thing I've loved about blogging and being online is how sometimes a complete stranger will say something that you didn't realise just how much you needed to hear...
Click HERE to the see the rest of the gorgeous series of photos on the Dream and Just Believe Photography blog.  I'm sure you'll see why we're finding it difficult to decide which photos to have framed or on a canvas!



  1. Beautiful photos Danielle! Treasured memories to keep forever.
    It is wonderful to know that even when you are feeling crappy and down on yourself and second guessing your parenting and worrying about the effect of PND on your children, (which I often do!)they continue to flourish, feel loved and love you! It's even better when others can see it too, as we often miss it ourselves!
    Olivia definitely looks like a happy, loved and well adjusted child. The comment you have spoken about was spot on! She is a testament to a wonderful mother, (and father, I'm sure!)who love her dearly.
    Take care
    Sarah xx

  2. Oh my, those are some stunning photos!! ANd your daughter is adorable!!! That comment would have made me cry, too - awesome!

  3. They really are gorgeous photos Danielle :)

  4. Beautiful photos - they really capture her energy! :)

  5. They are indeed stunning photos Danielle I can tell you will treasure them forever.

    Kim xxx