Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh Shoot Manual Assignment

Hello again!  I'm back to share a few photos I took for my manual assignment for Oh Shoot! Beginning Digital SLR Photography with Candice Stringham.  Manual as in using manual settings.  :-)

I used my favourite model, my daughter Olivia.  There are three photos that are straight out of the camera (SOOC) - that is, no editing (save for resizing for the web and adding my watermark), and after each photo I've added a version where I've used an action in Photoshop.  I've also got a Flickr gallery at the bottom in case you want to check out the other actions I played with.

Here goes!


Florabella Envy 50%


Florabella BW Blush 100%


Florabella Smitten 50%

Thanks for stopping by!  :-)



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  1. Gorgeous little subject! I like the way the Florabella Smitten looks.