Friday, September 9, 2011

Ribbon Road

I saw this cool tutorial on Kinderpendent about making a play road using wide black ribbon and some white paint.  I had a roll of wide black ribbon that was perfect for the job.  I didn't really feel like waiting for the paint to dry though, so I thought I'd try a few other methods first.  

White gel pen?  FAIL.  The ribbon just absorbed it.  
White chalk pencil?  Worked, but faded quickly.
White Chinagraph pencil?  PERFECT!

My white Chinagraph pencil is one that I've had in my stash for a while but I've never really had a need to get it out.  Until I did watercolour resist with my 4 year old recently.  MUCH better than ordinary crayon!  And the waxy texture is perfect for this. And FAST.  :-)  

Lightning McQueen LOVES it.

The cat... not so much.


My sister-in-law asked me about how I attached the ribbon road to the floor, so I've added an extra photo.  I tried using tape underneath the ribbon so it wasn't visible, but it tended to kick up at the ends.  So I just used masking tape (the tape painter's use) and I stuck it straight down onto the ribbon and the floor.  Where the joins are I've put another piece of ribbon over the top, like an intersection, and that masks the joins.  The beauty of masking tape is that it generally comes off surfaces easily.  I hope that makes sense!



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  1. That is so awesome! Though one question, do you find that the ribbon kicks up much? Is it taped down to your floor at all. It would be so neat to put a whole bunch of roads on our new family room floor.. but I have to figure out how to stick them down with out hurting the floor...