Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Settling In...

He's an important member of our family.  He has important jobs to do, and he takes them very seriously.

Inspecting one of the few tufts of grass currently in our backyard.  
This one seems to have passed the test... he relieved himself on another...

Overseeing the work site in the backyard...

Our new leather lounge suite got his attention too.

"Yep, this is definitely the Sweet Spot... Now go away, little human, I need to sleep..."

What a life!



  1. LOL...beautiful pictures Danielle...of a very beautiful puss (but don't tell him...he looks like he might already know it ;-).

    Best wishes,

  2. Great pictures!i love the one where he is "over seeing the work site"

  3. Great pics! If I can ever be reincarnated, I would like to be a cat and not a dog as they get dragged out walking with the humans!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too - loved the JAI colour challenge this week :)

  4. He is absolutely beautiful! Cats have so much personality, I know our two do, one is very sweet and loving (and a little bit paranoid) the other is the boss of the house, and feels he should be treated as a king... he is of course... hehe

  5. He is soooo cute. I have a soft spot for fluffy ginger cats as I had one growing up that lived til she was 9 years old (I was about 12 when she passed on). I just love how cats get comfy and evil eye you when you look at them! hehe

  6. Glad to see he is doing such a good job at making sure that everything is just as it should be! LOL He is such a cutie :)

  7. He looks like a very important person. :D