Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Advice, Please!

Hi there!  I was hoping to get some advice from all my lovely visitors...  :-)

You may already know that I have quite a few cards for sale at Funky Homes in Hobart (149A Liverpool Street for you locals!), and I've been thinking about selling some of my other cards, but I'm not entirely sure where to start.  Do I put them for sale on my blog?  Etsy?  Would anyone even buy them??

Here's where you (hopefully) come in... I'm putting a series of cards on this post that have proven to be popular through my blog.  Could you please write a comment about whether you think any of these cards would sell, and what price you think I should put on them?

Thanks so much!  I really appreciate your help!  :-)



  1. I'm sure that your cards would sell on ETSY or something similar. Pricing, now that's always a hard one. I only sell to my hairdresser, we do a trade off and I charge her $3 per card. I think though I would increase that if I went to ETSY cause there's fees involved isn't there? What's the average???

  2. I sell my one-offs for $5 but that is to work colleagues so no postage etc. One thing I have found is that people do have an eye on what can go through the post, so my layered cards or those with bows haven't really moved. Another lady where my husband works says she buys all-occasion bundles of 20 for $100 on ebay. They are all beautiful cards you have put so much work into.

  3. Your cards would absolutely sell, they're gorgeous. I don't know too much about ETSY so I can't really help you there.

    I get loads of orders for cards from work colleagues and friends, and friends of friends etc. I never used to charge enough according to those friends so now it is $5 each card and I include a matching (SU) stamped envelope.

    Hope this helps :o)

  4. Why don't you get your hubby to take some to work? I think you should charge at least $5 - they're gorgeous!

  5. My hubby's boss asked me to make cards to sell at a cafe. I sell mine for $5 each (individually packaged in cello bags with an envelope). I think we all tend to under value our work - as my sister often points out to me: the generic printed cards all cost well over $5! Ask hubby/ friends/ relatives to take a basket of cards into work, or set one up in the coffee room etc. I'm sure they'd sell - your cards are beautiful!

  6. They are all beautiful, the only problem for customers would be picking "just one"... heehee. I agree, at least $5. Like Patrice most of my orders come from friends, word of mouth and family. Etsy wasn't so great. Good luck!

  7. These are beautiful cards, you should have no problem selling these, $5.00 sounds like the going price,florist shops might be interested in your cards.Good luck. Jenny