Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Add Blue...

This week's challenge at Just Add Ink is another special one.  We're highlighting another cause - Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month.

As many of you might be aware from this previous post, I'm still recovering from Post Natal Depression.  My daughter is now 3 and a half and it's extremely frustrating to still be recovering.  I'm not going to waffle on in this post, but I do want to share something that I was told that I found extremely significant.  Perhaps it can help someone else.

During one type of treatment that I received (about 2 and a half years after diagnosis... we're still trying lots of things), I spoke at length to the treating psychiatrist about symptoms of PND and many other disorders.  I really enjoyed those sessions because he was fascinating to listen to and didn't mind that I had a million questions, and he explained things so well.  At one stage we spoke about how it's often difficult for people to know how to deal with a friend or loved one with depression.  I'm paraphrasing, but this is basically what he said:

When someone enters the hospital room of a friend who's had a car accident, they can clearly see the damage - broken bones, cuts, grazes, bruises... and they can see that the person is in pain.  Even if they're smiling at the time.  When someone enters the hospital room of a friend who's suffering depression, they can't see the damage.  There are no casts or bandages, no drip, nothing.  The patient might even seem completely normal, because people with depression can hide their pain for periods of time.  But the pain is there.  It's real and it's agony.

I hope that can help someone out there.

On to my card... it's very simple!  There isn't any stamping at all!!

I had no idea where to start with this challenge, so I used this challenge as well from There She Goes.

If you're interested in a more lighthearted story about my experience with PND, read this post.  :-)

And just in case it's of use to anyone, if you have any questions about depression that you'd like me to answer (knowing that I'm just going on my experience), just leave your question in the comments section.  I have no idea if it's of any use, but the offer is there.  :-)

Cardstock - Crumb Cake, Basic Black, Marina Mist
Accessories - Black satin ribbon, Big Shot, Vintage Wallpaper embossing folder, pearls, dimensionals



  1. Thanks for that. It's really given me something to take and store away. Lots of hugs. xx

  2. This card is exquisite in it's simplicity! I'm going to CASE this right away before I forget it! Keep on truckin' Danielle, depression is as serious as diabetes. My first bout came when my baby started middle school. I denied it for a long time, almost until it was too late. Now I know what to look for and I'm not afraid to say I'm depressed and take care of it! God bless you and keep you.

  3. another perfect card Danielle! I love popping over to see what you have created!
    This is a challenge that I am going to be participating in, as Depression strikes close to home. Thank you for getting the word out, that it is a real illness, and we need people to understand that people with depression aren't just a little sad....
    Sorry that was rambly....
    Good luck coping with your PND!

  4. I love that para you shared with us, and it was pointed out to me many years ago too when I was diagnosed with PND myself. It's a long tough road but there is so much information and support out there now - thanks to the likes of Beyond Blue. It's great that the stigma has been removed and we can talk about anxiety and depression openly.

    Great card, love the simplicity of it.

  5. It's a lovely card Danielle. I'm glad that our hobby can help bring awareness to illnesses that affect so many.

  6. Beautiful card Danielle and thank you for sharing your personal experience. I particularly like you psychiatrist's explanation of depression, so very true, and I will try and remember it in future.

  7. Another perfect bow! I also love the simplicity of this card and how you have shown that even without stamping and with a few simple elements you can make such beautiful card! This would be a lovely card for anyone to receive.

  8. Another beautiful card and I love the 'blurb' on what the psych doc said - so true!

  9. A lovely card Danielle, simple yet elegant!

  10. This is gorgeous... I love your style.

  11. Stunning card Danielle. I love the Marina Mist and Basic Black combo. I love how you use ribbon too... your bows are always perfect!

    Best wishes,

  12. HI Danielle,

    you do simple but stunning so elegantly!! it just reeks of it! Lovely and a great post too :)