Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Have A Kitchen!

I've had lots of people say to me: "Wow, you're building a house?  That must be so exciting!", and to be completely honest... I haven't actually been excited.  The past three years have been pretty drama filled just with my 'stuff', and then the house process started about 18 months ago.  From buying the block, to planning the house (sooo many plans!!), and now watching it finally come together... I guess it should be exciting... but I'm just drained! 

But now... NOW I'm excited!  Because our kitchen is 90% in and it's HUGE!!!  It looks so much better than I had visualised and I'm a big daydreamer, so that's saying something!

On to the photos!

The majority of the bench work is in "Latte" High Gloss wrapped vinyl, and the front of the breakfast bar and the kickboards is in "Urban Grey". The benchtop is a squareform laminex in "Mineral Harmony" and the splashbacks will be in a polished porcelain that matches the "Urban Grey" vinyl.

I'm so glad we chose Laminex over granite benchtops.  Thousands cheaper, and it still looks good!

Check out all our drawers!!  No more wasted cupboard space (you know those bits you just can't get to?).  21 drawers in total.  :-)

Okay, so this next picture shows just how pathetically excited I am... the builders have put a matching vinyl front on our pull out rangehood!!  I love these guys!

Downlights over the stove - they're built-in under the cupboards...

Check out the bins, Mum!  They're in a special drawer of their own!

This photo is taken from the corner of the lounge room - this post has photos of the same spot a few weeks ago...

This photo is taken from the corner of the dining space, facing the lounge room.

There are still a couple of bits to be finished... but it's looking AWESOME!!

The end is in sight...  HOORAY!!



  1. It's looking amazing Danielle!! So it's kinda like Very Vanilla meets Sahara Sand LOL!! Our kitchen is completely all drawers too. Best decision we made! And very similar looking bins too except we took off the lids. Are you doing floorboards throughout?

  2. Oh Danielle! All those draws! and I can understand with the rangehood - I'd be super happy with that too! It looks A M A Z I N G !!!!!

  3. Oh oh oh I'm excited for you. Loving all those drawers - something I don't have enough of in my kitchen. It's all looking fab and it's great to hear that you're getting excited now.

  4. WOW it looks Fantastic. There is nothing better than a great kitchen, with kids you spend more time in there than anywhere else. You will enjoy it so much when you move in.

  5. Oh, Danielle, it's beautiful!! Just imagine when it's finished; you'll be so happy. It IS a long, drawn-out, exhausting process, but you will have years of happiness in your gorgeous new home. Totally understand your excitement about the vinyl strip on the rangehood - WOW, that's cool!

  6. woohoo Im impressed that the kitchen is in now as usually thats the hold up in my own experience! Love the kitchen ..those drawers are magic arent they?

  7. Draws are one of my kitchen fantasies too. so happy for you that your dreams came true.

  8. Looks great Danielle, love the colour scheme. Your corner pantry looks like mine and I love all my drawers too! Enjoy it when you finally get to use it!

  9. Isn't it coming along beautifully! I am excited for you Danielle!

  10. Dan, thats so exciting. It looks fantastic. Im having lots of deep drawers in my kitchen too. Cant wait.

  11. I... *sob* ... hate ... *gasp* ... you. Get me out of this 70's shit box!! ;D I'm totally jealous, in case you hadn't guessed.

  12. Ha ha Amanda!
    Oh Danielle you are sooooo lucky! Now is definitely the time to get excited. Looks wonderful.

  13. It's all coming together! And looks fabulous.

    I can't imagine how stressful it must be to do a build from scratch - it must be great to finally see your kitchen begin to take shape! I'm excited for you! :)

    And I *so* get it about the strip on the rangehood - it's the details that count!