Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brilliant Tutorials...

I've been doing a little bit of blog surfing lately... okay, A LOT!  And I thought I'd share some links to some fabulous tutorials I've come across...


Make Your Own Rubber Stamps with the Big Shot

How To Make a Doodle Frame

Bake-It-Forward Plate

Double Duty Dry Erase Board 

Dry Erase Calendar

Felt Bracelets

Doorway Puppet Theatre



  1. I love being sent to these and am most inspired and know I should be doing rather than drooling!

  2. These tutorials are so neat! I can't wait to try the double duty dry erase board around our house! Let's see if P will agree to let me make it! Another neat idea I learned today (daytime tv, yay!) is the first shutter project. Ignore the second lazy susan with a bike wheel, that's just too weird:

  3. That shutter project is awesome! I agree though, the bike wheel lazy susan is just plain odd!!