Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Mail!

I've been spoilt with gorgeous Happy Mail over the past few weeks, and I thought it was about time I shared my gorgeous goodies on here...

I drooled over this card from Gardenia Pepworth when she'd posted it on her blog... I was absolutely delighted to discover it in my mailbox!

Claire Harrison, a fellow Tasmanian demonstrator, surprised me with these adorable goodies...

And Claire even bought me back a gift from Convention to inspire me to come along next time!  How did she know I love pens?  Yep, I'm a stationery addict!

Check out this gorgeous card from Chantell Randall, just to say hello!

And this classic beauty from Sarah Klass...

See, I told you I'd been spoilt!  :-)



  1. WOW you have been! Such stunning greats and awesome friends!

  2. Wow how happy has your mail box been!?! Glad you liked my card, I should send my stuff to you to take photos of, your photo is fabulous compared to the one I posted on my blog.

  3. You lucky duck! All I get is bills in my letter box. Want to swap????!!!!!

  4. Yay for happy mail! Gorgeous cards and lol @ the stationery addict - totally understand that one!!