Saturday, April 17, 2010

Need Another Hobby??

Are you feeling unfulfilled?  Do you need more than stamps, paper and ink in your craft life?  You're in luck!  I have a few suggestions for you... just click on the links!

Toilet Paper Origami 

I came across this on a fabulous blog called How about orange... - isn't it awesome??

And of course you can find tutorials... click here.

Ah yes, don't forget the book that's also available...

Yarn Bombing

Oh yes, it's a real hobby!  Check out the dedicated website...

Tree shaping... Patience really is a virtue!
The art of planting seeds on someone else's property without their permission.  I wish someone would randomly tend our garden!!



  1. WOW Danielle!! THis is fabulous!! Have you done some of the toilet paper origami?? So cool! Thanks for sharing, hope you are well!!
    SMiles SHArnee :0)
    P.S Are you going to convention??

  2. HAHA they are so funny! Can you imagine walking into a toilet where someone had done some toilet paper origami! And if those guerilla gardeners turn up, can you send them to WA? :)

  3. LOL, Danielle, this is so random. You made my day. Instead of my hubby reading the paper in "the office" (the toilet) I'll suggest he do some toilet paper origami!!!! TFS. Enjoy the weekend. Donna Zammit

  4. BAHAHAHA. This is hilarious, there are some strange blogs out there. I wish someone would make pretty toilet paper features in my toilet. And how cool is that tree. Love little tid bits like this

  5. Yes, toilet paper origami was a great hobby before I started living with 2 boys and a man. (jk) I knew - I KNEW - there was something missing from my life. Thanks to your post I know realise what that thing is.

  6. What a little giggle you gave me! Thanks Danielle!