Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Clever Girl...

I know every mother has a bias towards their own child... but today I'm going to rave on about mine.  ;)

My daughter Olivia is turning 3 next week and I think she's just amazing.  Not just because she's my daughter and the most beautiful person I've ever seen (there's that bias!), but because she truly is clever for her age.  Well, I think so anyway!  I'm going to share a few recent things that have left me feeling very proud of my little girl!

Olivia has been very quick to grasp the concept of letters, and is quite taken with seeing her name written down.  She began writing her own name last September and I posted her progress 2 months ago.  We had another name writing session a few days ago.  She knows how to write all the letters in her name, but sometimes gets a little confused about the order, so this was written with a little bit of prompting from me.  I think it's still impressive!!

And on the same day, she wrote mum for the first time - no prompting.  I was really impressed...

But I was absolutely gobsmacked when only 2 days later, she showed me this...

Yep, she's my clever girl!



  1. Yay Olivia! You can be as biased as you like Danielle, Olivia is a very clever girl! TFS xx

  2. Well done Olly! That's fantastic. It's taht great parenting you do both of you and you deserve to feel proud.

  3. Shes not only clever, but adorable too!

  4. Awww! Me and Kira are sitting here clapping our hands - well done Olivia!!

  5. What a clever girl! Some kindy kids struggle to do that well! I also love your scrapbook page from your last post. You are not just biased, she is beautiful.

  6. Aww, *sniff*, doesn't that just melt your heart? Olivia is VERY clever (especially 'cos she didn't write DAD on her Etch-a-sketch thingy)!! Brag away, Mum ... we other Mums totally understand :)

  7. Olivia is such a cutie! and very clever too :)