Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sewing For A Willing Model...

Okay, you caught me out... my "willing model" is none other than Olivia's Jemima doll.  :-)  But at least she'll pose for a photo wearing the reversible skirt I made her!!

Yes, that's right, I have indeed gone mad... I decided to sew a teeny tiny reversible skirt for Olivia's doll.  I used exactly the same tutorial from my last postThe Simple Reversible Skirt Tutorial from Fashioned By Meg.  The only thing that changed was the material size.  I used two pieces of material measuring 12" x 5".  Perfect for Jemima.

I think it's kinda cute.

And now for the matching skirt for my unwilling model... who again declined to try on this skirt.  Hmph!

And the moral of the story??  I am a glutton for punishment... AND these skirts are so darn easy!



  1. These skirts are so adorable, how fun!

  2. Your sewing is perfect! These skirts are really adorable - with or without a willing model! :)