Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sewing For A Willing Model...

Okay, you caught me out... my "willing model" is none other than Olivia's Jemima doll.  :-)  But at least she'll pose for a photo wearing the reversible skirt I made her!!

Yes, that's right, I have indeed gone mad... I decided to sew a teeny tiny reversible skirt for Olivia's doll.  I used exactly the same tutorial from my last postThe Simple Reversible Skirt Tutorial from Fashioned By Meg.  The only thing that changed was the material size.  I used two pieces of material measuring 12" x 5".  Perfect for Jemima.

I think it's kinda cute.

And now for the matching skirt for my unwilling model... who again declined to try on this skirt.  Hmph!

And the moral of the story??  I am a glutton for punishment... AND these skirts are so darn easy!



  1. aww she is adorable.. Love it..

  2. These skirts are so adorable, how fun!

  3. Your sewing is perfect! These skirts are really adorable - with or without a willing model! :)