Friday, August 12, 2011

Self Publishing

In November last year, I was thrilled to have a few cards accepted for publication in a craft magazine.  For me, it was all about being validated.  I'm not very good at self-validation.  And I hoped it would be the beginning of something wonderful.  I naively told friends and family about it...

After nearly 8 months of my cards being put on the back burner, and no real indication of when they might actually be used, I withdrew my cards and had them returned.  Why?  Because at least half of the products I've used on these cards are either retired, or are about to be retired.  I definitely didn't want to be the fool in the magazine with cards using discontinued stock.

Feeling extremely foolish, I intended on shoving these cards in a drawer, (and most likely pulling them out when I felt the need to chastise myself over something silly).  But since I went to the effort of writing up instructions and creating a third card to complete the set, I thought I'd "publish" them myself.

And if you feel at all interested in reading the instructions, I've put them in a pdf for easy download.

Pure Innocence Card Set

If you don't have access to Scribd, you can download this from Google Docs HERE.

Thanks for visiting.  :-)