Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Ode From A Dark Time...

I've been pretty absent from my blog lately, for a few different reasons.  One reason was because hubby and I were busily preparing our downstairs living area and backyard for Olivia's 4th birthday party on the 25th.  We had a lot of boxes still to go through, and a lot of the boxes contained random things from over the past 4 years.  Because that time has been rather turbulent, I've avoided going through the boxes.  There are journals that I've written in when I was at my sickest (with PND) and naturally, they're not exactly light reading! 

So when hubby came upstairs with a notebook in hand and said "I found this notebook from before... I think you need to read this entry...", I stopped what I was doing to give it my full attention.  He seemed very serious.

I was expecting something dark and confronting...

But I'd forgotten about this entry that I'd written one night as... well, you'll see...  ;-)

Not as dark and confronting as I thought it was going to be... ;-)