Saturday, April 30, 2011

Playing With Photoshop...

Olivia had her fourth birthday recently - I can't believe she's 4!!  I've been playing with a few snaps I took on the day... I'm a complete beginner with Photoshop, but I thought I'd share a few here.  :-)

I even made myself a new watermark.  *grin*  Check out this fabulous tutorial at The CoffeeShop Blog to see how to do it. 

And a new obsession begins...  ;-)



  1. The photography/photoshop stuff is fun, isn't it?! I think I'll be addicted for a long long time.

    Great shots of Olivia's birthday! :)

  2. I love the 1st one best, but those huge big blue eyes in the second... how many boys will she capture with those!

  3. Cute photos! You will have the best fun with Photoshop! It opened up a whole new world to my scrapbooking. Playing is definitely the best way to learn. Have fun, and I look forward to soem scrapbook pages :)

  4. Beautiful, Danielle. I especially love the second photo, of Olivia licking the cupcake; the colours and clarity are gorgeous. Have fun with your new-found obsession!

  5. What great shots - you're well on your way to having the PS bug! I can't pic a fave, she's a beautiful girl Danielle, you must be so proud of her and the memories you caught on the day!! xx

  6. awwww.. how sweet! both your girl n the cupcake *yum*

    Got some yummy stuff on my blog for u I think u overlooked ;)