Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Little Stir Crazy...?

Hi there!

I have nothing crafty to share today, I've been busily working on top secret projects... ;-)  Need to know basis, you know how it is...

So I thought I'd amuse myself you all myself by posting some photos of my lovely cat, who seems to be going a little stir crazy now that he's an inside cat.  We've caught him asleep in the washing machine a lot recently!  No pics of that, but I do have pics of this... we've never caught him here before...

Just casually sitting in the kitchen sink...

And he's never done this before...

Of course, he doesn't like being mocked about the situation either.  This is his "What's your problem?" face...

Crazy cat...


  1. Aww these photos are very cute Danielle! :) gorgeous cat, give a wee cuddle from me.

    Have a great christmas



  2. Haha, Danielle!! I no longer have a cat, sadly he passed away a year or so back, but he used to do this too!!!!! I thought he was the only cat that would sit in a sink and drink water straight from the tap! Animals are such a joy, if not a little crazy too :-)

  3. hehe. I know all the weird spots cats like.... our two like to be in green bags, in the sink, in the bath, any box that is lying around etc.... One of our cats loves running water, he likes to drink it when it comes out of the tap... I don't know that he'd be too impressed with it running on his head like that....
    Gotta love cats, and their weird personalities

  4. OMG that's classic! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile! My old cat does nothing but boring!

  5. Definitely amusing - lol! He'll get used to being inside - our boy has been inside all his life although i used to take him for walks (on a lead) needless to say before we had human kids!!He does have a cat run though that he can go out into when ever he wants which does help - especially when he wants to get away from noisy kids!!