Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Poser

Hi there!  I have a few Christmas photos to share with you.  Before I get to the gorgeous shots, I have to share a couple of our cat Bronte from Christmas Eve.  Apparently he doesn't like the idea of leaving a glass of milk for Santa...

*shakes head*

On to the gorgeous photos!  I picked up a set of dress up shoes, complete with tiara and jewelry for Olivia for Christmas.  Best $20 I've spent!  After all, Diamonds are Plastic is a girls best friend!  She spent all day trying on shoes and declaring herself to be a princess.  And she's a natural in heels!  Within minutes she was running up and down the deck in all her finery... the large windows give great reflections.  :-)

And because she loves having her photo taken, (she's nothing like me in that regard!), I have lots of photos to share of "Princess Olivia".  :-)

No photo session with Olivia is complete without capturing some of her more... quirky poses...

*sigh*  Such a gorgeous kid.  :-)



  1. Have to say I absolutely love Bronte's antics, clever boy!

    Olivia looks simply delightful in all her bingy bits :o)

  2. Looks like Bronte really enjoyed that milk. Plus Olly *oops* Princess Olly looks great.

  3. Olivia is just a Doll Danielle! Those pics are fantastic of her! What camera do you have BTW?