Wednesday, January 27, 2010

View From The Park

Some of you may know that we've recently had to move house.  Our daughter Olivia (who's nearly 3) has coped brilliantly with it all, and has been very excited to find out there's a great park about 5 minutes walk away.  Olivia can spot a park from anywhere.  Whenever we go somewhere it's constantly "Look, Mum!  I saw a park!  Look, Mum!  Another park!"

One fantastic feature about this new park is its awesome view.  Have a look at this!

It's not a great picture of Olly, but she was too excited to stand still!


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  1. Think we might have to take advantage of this great view when I come to visit. Olivia can take advantage of the terrific play equipment. Aren't you lucky to have such a great park close by.

  2. What a cutie!! Funny, my daughter had the same t-shirt!

  3. She's so precious Danielle - and my daughter SHOULD have that same t-shirt!!!! ;)