Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Progress On Our Block

It's started!  Our block is finally seeing some action - excavation started on January 6th (one day before our 4th wedding anniversary) and it's been great to see things happening quickly.  Although I keep getting told by well meaning people: "Oh, that won't last long - it'll slow right down soon". 

But we're remaining optimistic and we know that once the external part is up it won't look like much is happening because it will all be happening inside.  Anyway.  I thought I'd share some photos of the progress so far...

Brian and Olivia get quite excited about the machinery on site...

The excavation is complete!

Footings are going in (it's all happening quickly!).

I was driving past our block when I saw the first load of bricks arrive... one poor man with all those bricks!  Luckily I knew the little forklift on the back of the truck was going to be doing the lifting...

Olivia on site with a "special stone" - she takes after Daddy - she loves rocks and dirt!


I have a Picasa Album for the construction of our house if you're interested in seeing any more photos.

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  1. How exciting! I'm sure it's going to be fabulous - what an adventure for you guys.

    (I'm a bit of a fan of the excavator myself - I'd love to have a go in it!)

  2. How exciting for you all. Where is your block?

  3. Super exciting, I hope the work keeps going so quickly for you!