Friday, October 30, 2009

The Flag Page

My brother had an interesting entry on his blog about a test he did called "The Flag Page". It got me intrigued because the test is all about discovering what makes you happiest in life. So I did it too (I know, suckered in!). I'd love to hear your thoughts about what My Flag Page says about me...



  1. Yay! It looks accurate to me and Emily.

    It's funny how many things you take for granted until you see them written down. I was reading out the summary and Emily and I were both "yep, that's Danielle". It describes a lot of why we love you, including things we couldn't have described on our own. Things like:

    "People are drawn to her clever, comical way of presenting funny observations about everyday life... With her wonderful sense of humor ... Danielle is a greater entertainer who was the ability to make everyone laugh."

    And talents we probably under-appreciate, like:

    * always willing to hear you out
    * thinking of you
    * genuine and fair always

    Of course, we all already knew you were clever and original. Hard to not notice that. :)

  2. Okay... you're starting to make me tear up now...