Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photos of Olivia

I just thought I'd share the latest photo display of Olivia. It's handy having a cute subject!

On another note, here's a conversation I just had with Olivia. She really didn't want to have a nappy change and got a little upset...

Olivia:    No, stop it!
Me:         Olly, you need a nappy change. (pause, then attempt to make her smile by pulling a funny face)
Olivia:    No, stop it! No smiling anymore!
Me:         Oh, sorry. (pause) Are you sad?
Olivia:    No!
Me:         Are you cranky?
Olivia:    No!
Me:         What's wrong then?
Olivia:    I very sad...
Me:         Oh... Why are you very sad?
Olivia:    I have tears!

Hehe... too cute!


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