Friday, July 22, 2011

In My Stash - Watercolour Paper

I often get emails about what products I use for making my cards, and now that I'm not restricted from sharing where I buy products, I thought I'd start a little feature on my blog showcasing them.  I want to be very clear - these are products I buy myself, I have not been given any form of reimbursement for writing about these products.  Also, I definitely haven't tried everything that's out there!  This is just what I use.  :-) 

In My Stash
Watercolour Paper

I love watercolouring.  I find it very therapeutic and it helps me to stop over thinking (which I do a lot!).  

Unfortunately, I'm a perfectionist.  So I go through a lot of watercolour paper trying out colours, practising and a lot of it ends up in the bin.  Because I go through a lot of it, it just wasn't economical to purchase the smaller pieces that are marketed at crafters.  So I went to my local art store, Artery, and I bought this...  

Canson Montval Aquarelle 200 g/m2 (100 lbs) 100% cellulose - Cold pressed - Maxi Pack

I get it in a pad of 100 sheets, 24cm x 32cm and it costs me $39.10, ($0.39 per sheet).  Basically I took in a piece of Stampin' Up! watercolour paper and got what I thought matched it. I'm really happy with it. It is slightly thinner, but about the same texture. It's a lot more economical and you can work with bigger pieces too. When I started watercolouring, I was throwing out a lot of images that I wasn't happy with - I'd hate to be doing that with really expensive paper.

Hope that helps!


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