Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eight Things...

I've been very spoilt lately, I received this Stylish Blogger Award from Laurie, Katie, Jess and Malyn!  Thank you all so much!  All four of these ladies had such lovely things to say about me (in fact, Laurie was so complimentary that I followed the link to my blog, I was certain she was talking about someone else!!).  It really does mean the world to me to be recognised by such wonderful people.  :-)

So, when you accept the award, you must:
  1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this
  2. Share 8 things about yourself
  3. Pay it forward to bloggers that you have recently discovered

Eight Things About Me...
  1. I'm a stay at home mum to my gorgeous 3 year old daughter.  I can't believe she'll be 4 in a few months! 
  2. I really, really struggle with accepting compliments.
  3. I'm hooked on the Twilight Saga.  I blame the Just Add Ink DT girls who convinced me to read the books... now I want an Edward of my own!  *swoon*
  4. I really, really don't want to go back to teaching when my daughter goes to school (I was a high school Drama/English teacher before my daughter came along).  I know it's a couple of years away, but I'm stressing about it already... Okay, so I've been stressing about it for the past year too!  Anyone want to hire me???  ;-)
  5. I am not a morning person.  Oops, that probably won't help on the job front, will it...
  6. I love stand-up comedy - Adam Hills, Dylan Moran, Tripod...
  7. I really, really doubt myself as a wife and mother after a relative told me a year ago that I'm not doing an adequate job.  On the flip side, I've learnt that I will never, ever tell my daughter that. 
  8. Umm... I thought of one last night, but now I can't remember... Oh yes!  I have a dodgy memory.  ;-)

So, now I need to pay it forward to some other bloggers that I've discovered recently.  I'm actually going to pass it on to four bloggers that aren't recent discoveries, but they are blogs that I open as soon as I see them come up in my Google Reader.  That's how much I like their work!

Laurie - Okay, so she nominated me, but this is one SUPER talented crafter!  I recently told my husband that Laurie's style is what I try to do... but WAAAAY better.  I haven't seen a single card I haven't LOVED.

Kim - O.M.G.  Have you seen Kim's colouring?  Kim's work makes mine look like fingerpainting... ;-) 

Karen - I love Karen's style.  She should seriously get a commission from all the different stamp companies, because whatever she uses, I have to have...

Make sure you check out these lovely blogs!



  1. My mind boggles that your relative feels that they have the right to comment on what they believe about you as a wife and mother. I believe that if it is not something you would do then it is unacceptable for that person to do it to you and you should definately tell them so if it was your side of the family and your husband if the relative belonged to his side of the family. I shake my head. No one needs destructive comments like that, not a confidence builder. Deb

  2. Danielle, first of all THANK YOU! So sweet of you to send it back to me!! Second...I am so sorry that someone felt the need to tell you something that I am sure isn't true! I can tell by your posts that you love your daughter to pieces! Some people just need to keep their mouths shut! :) You are amazingly talented and creative person!

  3. Congrats Danielle, I totally agree that you are a Stylish blogger! :) And can I just say that I think your number 1 thing about you should totally discount your number 7 thing. I have to say I admire you as a crafter and can totally see through your blog that you adore your daughter! No-one is ever equipped for motherhood until we get there and then we learn as we go! As long as we love our children right then they'll get there. xoxoxo