Friday, March 26, 2010

Danielle Daws, Bargain Hunter...

Many of you would know by now that Funky Homes in Liverpool Street Hobart is a stockist of my cards.  For a while I've been thinking about having a small display rack at home as well, mainly so I can keep track of the cards I have for sale but also because I'm getting customers purchasing cards at my workshops, and I'm getting custom orders now too.

But these display racks are so expensive!  I looked on ebay, in second hand shop fittings stores, I even looked at how expensive it would be to have one made.  But today I got myself a bargain.  A BIG bargain!  I love bargain shopping.  I always feel better if I've made a saving on something.  Anyway, today my daughter Olivia and I were in town shopping and I noticed a gift store I've always liked was closing down.  So we went to have a look and everything was at least 50% off. 

We wandered around and we were about to leave when I noticed a few little acrylic display platforms for sale.  They're quite small (the biggest is 2cm high and about 10cm long), but will be great for what I want them for.  We went to pay and I noticed an acrylic card display stand at the counter, just as I heard a salesperson tell another customer that they were selling everything.  So I figured I'd ask.  The little platforms I got were $10 for a set of 3, which is a bargain for those sorts of things, so I wasn't sure what price they'd want for the display stand.

Wanna guess?  Here's a picture of it with all my cards that are ready to go into town...

How brilliant is that?!  Yes, I know I'm just a bit excited about a piece of plastic, but a bargain is a bargain...  :-)



  1. Oooh - how exciting, Danielle!! It's a bit tragic that we can get such pleasure from cheap plastic, isn't it? LOL. LOVE a bargain, and what great display solutions for you - well done on a great find!

  2. Go Girl great find, your cards look fabulous on the stand. Who doesn't like finding bargains?

  3. Yep! a bargain all right! Love what's in the plastic more!

  4. Oh Danielle you are soo funny .... $5.00 you bargain hunter you .... love it!!!

  5. Wow that is a great bargain, well done!! I would be pretty pleased with myself too if I were you :)

  6. lol def gotta luv a bargain and you have definately got yourself a bargain wiht the stand!! :D
    lurve the cards too - going to try and remember to case them one of these days!

  7. good job!! I've been searching some out that are similar.. and boy, they cost heaps!!! Well done :)