Thursday, February 18, 2010

Easy Bow with Button

For the JAI #4 challenge, I made a card with a really easy bow with a button featured on it.  I've been asked how it's done, so I've made a little tutorial for you.

Technique Tutorial

Easy Bow with Button

(I've used 1" (2.5cm) Double-Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon in Rose Red)
Sticky Strip
Kitchen string or twine

Step One
Cut two pieces of ribbon.  One will go around the card and the other will form the bow.  The piece you cut for the bow should be only slightly longer than the final size you want your bow to be.  The top piece in the photo is the ribbon doubled over, so it's slightly bigger than the end product will be.

Step Two
Put a small piece of Sticky Strip at one end of the smaller piece of ribbon.
Peel the backing off the Sticky Strip and stick the two ends of the ribbon together - it will form a circle.
Step Three
Sandwich your layers together - the base ribbon, the bow with the join on the bottom in the centre, and the button with string already threaded (encircling all the layers) - as shown in the photo.
Step Four
This is the tricky bit.  Pinch the layers of ribbon together with your thumb and index finger.   You want to gather the base ribbon and the bow so they sit together well - this is how the bow will look at the end, so make sure you're happy with the gather.
Step Five
With your free hand, slide the button down the string (so you're pulling the string through the button) until it is sitting firmly against the ribbon.  Double check how everything is sitting, then pull the string very firmly and tie a double knot.
Trim the ends of the string.  This is where using no extra adhesive is a real benefit - you can now fine tune your bow and you can even pull the bow through the string if it's not centred.
The finished bow!  All you need to do now is to attach the bow to your card however you wish.  The ends of the ribbon can be concealed inside the card by placing a piece of cardstock over the top.

Interested in learning how to make your own button like the one I've made here with More Mustard card stock?  Click HERE.