Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Wiggles!

We took Olivia to see The Wiggles in concert today - she was so excited!  We got to the Derwent Entertainment Centre in Hobart early because we knew that parking would be tight, so we had a bit of time to wait until the show started.  And like every performance, there was merchandise for sale on your way in.  Olivia scored pretty well!  Brian chose a Dorothy the Dinosaur tail for her and we also got her some Dorothy fairy wings and a wand.  It's the first wand I've seen that has a soft end! 

Here are The Wiggles in action.  They're fantastic performers and it's obvious they love what they're doing!  I'd commented to a friend recently that it was a bit sad that the last concert I'd been to was John Farnham and I went with my mum (no offense Mum!).  But guess what I found out today?  The Wiggles was the first concert for Olivia... AND Brian!

Olivia and I were pretty excited to see some of the acrobatics featured in the latest Wiggles DVD.  Talk about fit performers!

And one last picture... Olivia was mesmerised by the performance!



  1. Love the photos. Watching your children enjoy something is really special. Wish we could bottle it. Was John Farnham before or after Patsy Cline? We also saw the Lion King in Melbourne but I suppose that wasn't technically a concert.

  2. WOW!! How lovely. DS just turned 4, and he and daddy have seen the Wiggles in concert the last 2 years.. this would have been his third.. but he's going in for his tonsils and adenoids out on Thursday am, Dr says he can't go on Sunday because he'll be too unwell.. Glad you're little monkey got to go. She's gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing :)