Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's All Gone Quiet...

For those of you who don't know, our two and a half year old daughter Olivia loves soap.  Especially liquid hand soap.  She's been known to scale cupboards to get it and if all goes quiet, you can be sure she's into the soap.

She outdid herself today though.  She called out to me to say "Mum!  I have soap on mine hands!" (no, not a spelling mistake, she really speaks like that!).  I groaned and went upstairs saying "Olly, you know you're not supposed to do that..."

Then I saw her.  I turned back around and got the camera...

Yep, she'd put it in her hair.  Not all of her hair, just the top.  It was an odd look!

And she put it all over her belly, her bottom (she forgot about the nappy she had on) and her face.



  1. Olivia is really growing up. All Mums know that when it's quiet is when you worry.

  2. Too Funny -she is so CUTE! just got to love your kidlets - trust me they grow us real fast - my baby is 19 years old and it seems like yesterday when he decided to make a sandbox out of cornflakes on my kitchen floor !
    he he

  3. Awww so cute!!!! So easy to say that when I didn't have to clean it all up though! My daughter got into Sudocream when she was about 18mths - it went everywhere and as its greasy and thick like zinc - it just wouldnt wipe up! But I can laugh about it now! Mums have the bestest job!!!!!