Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Final Choices For Our House

We made the final choices for our house a little while ago, but I wanted to let it all settle before I posted any of it in case we changed our minds!

I don't think the photos do our choices much justice - they look much better in real life!

The carpet is a charcoal grey colour - we've had Bronte (our perpetually moulting ginger cat) lay on a sample for a few days and the fur doesn't seem to show up any worse than any other carpet we've had.

The floor in the kitchen/dining is called Karndean - it's a vinyl floor covering that's extremely durable and a lot more forgiving than tiles.  We've chosen a floating timber floor look.

This is a close up of the kitchen choices.  The large cream paper is the paint colour throughout the house - Hog Bristle - an awful name!

We've gone with "Latte" High Gloss wrapped vinyl for the kitchen cupboards and the front of the breakfast bar and the kickboards will be in "Urban Grey".  The benchtop will be a squareform laminex in "Mineral Harmony" and the splashbacks will be in a polished porcelain that matches the "Urban Grey" vinyl.

And finally, the bathrooms and the laundry.  The tile on the right is the floor tile and it's a creamy caramel kind of colour.  The tile on left is a matte white and that will go in the showers, behind the vanities and above the bath.  The smaller square tiles are feature tiles and they'll go (in a strip of three) up each shower and a single row will go over the bath.




  1. Nice, objective technique for rating the carpet. :) Looks good. We're struggling to find a block of land and come up with a house design here in Canada. Land is so ridiculously expensive. Looking forward to getting past this and to the eventual colour discussions. We want a feature wall!

  2. It's not just Stamping Up that gets to be creative with names! These paint/floor/etc. people have just as much fun!

  3. Hehe... I know! "Hog Bristle" is a gorgeous colour, but do I really want it on my walls? Any time anyone asks what colour we used I'll be imagining a big fat coarse haired pig!

  4. Awesome colour choice. You'll find you'll be able to dress these colours up so easily with accessories too.

  5. Great choices you have made so far, I liked the bit about the cat testing the carpet , I would never of thought of that.

  6. Great colours Danielle the are similar to what we have put in our new house. Yes the slabs do look small but all of a sudden the house will be huge again.