Sunday, September 20, 2009

When 2 Year Olds Have Laptops...

It's a scary reality that kids in kindergarten are assessed on their ability to use computers. I say scary because I can imagine Olivia teaching me how to create Excel spreadsheets before she hits school. And I thought I was vaguely computer literate!

So when Dad came to stay recently, he got Olivia back playing games on the computer - Bananas in Pyjamas is a big favourite. It was amazing to see her use the mouse without needing to look at her hand. It makes me feel so very old...

Here she is creating a pizza on the computer:

What's even scarier is that she'll look back at these childhood photos and laugh, saying something like "Remember what it was like when we actually had to use a mouse?!".

Did I mention that it makes me feel old??



  1. She was funny the night I arrived. We were all talking and next thing Olivia directed me to sit on a particular chair at the end of the dining table, then she directed me to put on my glasses, then finally 'computer'. She had remembered exactly where her and I sat some 4 months earlier playing the computer and that I had to wear glasses to use it.