Saturday, September 19, 2009

Olivia Meets Olivia!

Around the time that Olivia was born, there was another Olivia becoming well known - Olivia the pig, a children's book character created by Ian Falconer. Of course, we ended up getting Olivia books and now there's a children's TV show based on the books. Our Oliva loves all of it - everything about Olivia the pig just draws her right in.

So when I discovered that Olivia the pig was going to be visiting Dymocks in Hobart for a kid's event, I knew someone who'd be pretty excited about going along...

Olly was up dancing with all the other kids and was really excited about seeing Olivia, so when I asked her if she'd like to give Olivia a cuddle she replied excitedly: "Okay, I do". It took a little convincing to get her to actually cuddle Olivia, but when you look at the size difference between them, Olivia the pig must have seemed enormous to Olly!

She finally got to cuddle Olivia and was very put out that she couldn't just keep cuddling her!

So we got Olly her very own Olivia, and as you can see, she is very well loved. :-)



  1. Maddy also loves books but is yet to decide on a favourite character. At the moment she is into animal books so she can look at the pics and make the sounds.

    Cute photos of Olivia!

  2. Yep, she sure loves that pig. Good to see you've got the blog up and going.

  3. Love the photos. Keep them coming, it's good to see the current trend in animals.