Saturday, September 26, 2009

A new phase...

Okay, I know that the picture below might not look like much to anyone else...

But it's actually Olivia's first attempt at writing her own name! She just started doing it tonight and I think she's done a pretty amazing job for someone who's almost 2 and a half. The O and l are clear, the i and v not so much... the rest is part of a circle that she drew over it.

The next picture is her second go and it was a bit better, but she drew over it so it's not too clear.

You can see the O and l clearly again, but this time she's tried for the second i as well (after i and v).

Yes, I'm excited!!




  1. Oh that is AWESOME! Thanks for letting us see. :)

    Emily and I get a small tinge of this every time we see Timothy draw something we recognise, or if he recognises something we draw. It'd be so awesome to watch Olivia develop. :)

  2. Wonderful. Olivia's fine motor skills are fantastic for a child her age. Says a lot about both her and the time that you spend with her.